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Delivery Cost & Timings

Please be advised, express delivery is not currently available as a shipping method for customers.

Due to Covid-19 delays, we do not charge for shipping and is currently FREE.

Our team is here to help should you require any further assistance.


  Standard Delivery
Timing 7 - 14 business days


  Standard Delivery
Timing 7 - 14 business days


  Standard Delivery
Timing 10 - 20 business days


  Standard Delivery
Timing 10 - 20 business days


When Will My Order Ship? 

Our processing time take on average 7 days. Include this time to the total delivery time to calculate when you will receive your item.

Why does it take so long? 

That's because we meticulously check every smallest detail to make sure you receive a top quality item. This is a time-consuming but necessary process.

Once we finish working on your item, we pack it up and send it to the post office. Then we share the tracking number with you so that you can follow your parcel.

Order Delays

Sometimes things don't go as planned, and delays happen. They occur rarely and usually are caused by factors that are outside of our control. Should this predicament happen, we ask you to kindly remain patient and understanding.

To eliminate any possibility of a delay, please make sure you enter the correct delivery details. If you have mistakenly filled in the form, don’t hesitate to contact us at mercibukushop@gmail.com We will solve this issue as soon as we can to ensure you receive your item quickly.

If the delivery time is already up and you still haven't received your package, please contact us at mercibukushop@gmail.com so that we can see what went wrong.

Sometimes we at Merci Buku experience an unusually high demand. If it impacts the manufacturing time, we will surely contact and warn you about possible delays.

Orders from Canada May Experience Delays.

Due to strikes by Canadian Postal Services that happen occasionally, the stated shipping time of 7-21 business days may extend up to 35 business days. Unfortunately, this situation is not under our control, and we can’t make the delivery happen faster.

How Do I Track My Order?

If your order has been shipped using a trackable service, you can follow its journey to you. You'll receive a shipping confirmation email once your order is fulfilled. Simply click on your tracking link in the email to view the up to date tracking information.

Our experience suggests that shipping to Canada is sometimes impossible to track. This happens due to the issues with the Canadian Postal Services.

We don’t not ship to certain Countries

Unfortunately, due to difficulties with shipping services we don’t deliver to certain countries. We are sorry for this temporary inconvenience, and we will do our best to begin shipping to these countries in the future.

Duties and Taxes

Shipping to the United States

Shipping within the US is free of sales tax. There are no other taxes or import duties applied to the packages that are shipped within the United States. However, some non-customs related local taxes may be levied, and they’re the responsibility of the customer. Merci Buku takes no responsibility for paying or reporting any additional local taxes.

International Shipping

If you’re ordering from some country other than the US, there might be some import duties you might have to pay. Merci Buku is not responsible for reporting or paying any exclusive or international taxes. All prices on the website, as well as the total cost of your order, do not include any sales tax or customs duties. 

The customer is fully responsible for any taxes and duties they might need to pay. Should any local taxes or duties apply to the parcel, the customer will need to pay them to release the package from customs. Once the order is shipped, all duties and taxes become non-refundable. And if the customer returns any items, Merci Buku does not refund any associated taxes and duties.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay the Tax for My Order?

Import taxes and duties are not applied to every package. But to avoid any misunderstanding, it’s important that you check if there will be any additional payments required by your local services. 

Please note, if you decide not to pay import taxes or duties and choose to reject the parcel, Merci Buku refunds only 70% from the cost of your order. The cost of the shipping is not refunded.

What If My Parcel Gets Stolen?

Unfortunately, very rarely orders get stolen or misplaced. Merci Buku is not responsible for misplaced packages if the shipping address which we’ve provided the shipping company matches with the address the customer provided to us upon checkout or in some other correspondence. Also, Merci Buku cannot be held responsible for stolen packages once they are marked as “Delivered”. We don’t offer any refunds for stolen or misplaced orders. If you think that something might threaten your package, please contact us at mercibukushop@gmail.com so that we can try to prevent issues from happening.

All orders over $200 require the signature of the customer upon the delivery. This allows us to minimise the possibility of theft. This requirement is automatically applied to all orders over $200. If you want to skip this option, reach out to us at mercibukushop@gmail.com. Once the requirement is lifted, you’re fully responsible for any possible loss of the package.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Once you’ve placed your order, we receive it immediately to minimise the manufacturing time. Merci Buku will cancel the order free of charge if the customer requests the cancellation within 24 hours after they’ve placed the order. To cancel the order, please contact us at mercibukushop@gmail.com

We can’t guarantee a successful free cancellation for orders that are placed on a weekend. If you succeed to cancel the order within 24 hours after its placement, you will not be charged. If the costs were already lifted from your credit card, we will fully refund the purchase price.

Merci Buku does not accept cancellations requested over a weekend or after the order was shipped. Then you will have to pay the full amount for the order.

Can I Modify My Order?

You can change the shipping address if the order wasn’t shipped yet. Also, Merci Buku will accept modifications related to the colour and size of items if you place the request within 24 hours after you’ve placed the order. You can add new items to the existing order within 24 hours after you’ve placed it.

To request any available modifications, please contact us at mercibukushop@gmail.com

How Will Your Package from Merci Buku Look Like?

All packages from Merci Buku are packed into a discreet bag that has only your shipping address on it.